About us


Ternary B.V. (Ltd) is a company, founded in 1987 by the founder Mr. Johan D. (Hans) Spek and the Innovative Starters Fund (ISF). The company had to finance the fundamental research and the patentprocedure for a Ternary Memory Element, based on Fieldeffect transistors with Silicium semiconductor-technology. This is base for a MultiValued Digital System, which calculate with three instead of two digital values.
The CMOS Ternary Memory Element is developed by the founder Mr. Spek. It is patented in the USA in 1989 and in Europe in 1994. It is very quick published in 1989 in the Special Issue on Multivalued Logics of the International Journal of Electronics (IEEE).

Transition to efficient renewable energy systems
Since 2003 Ternary was asked to advice in Europe in big Solarplants, connected to the Grid. We adviced to Projectdeveloppers and Systemarchitects.

Ternary is able to advice in big Projects in the whole World. By own research we found the manner to gain more energy on yearbase. Ternary specialized in avoiding energylosses in PV-systems.
Main goal is participating in development of big installations in Europe for solarinstallations with maximum possible energyproduction. We ourselves do the research to produce intelligent hardly-shaderesistant PV-modules where every single panel is internally optimized and constantly small groups of cells operate protected against shading effects. This techique eliminate hardly all causes of losses by mismatching by degrading and shading.

We want to produce our new developped solarpanels ourselve and let build big solarplants by good EPC’s.